We are RUNNR.ai

Creating a seamless guest experience

10 September
We're going to build a virtual hotel employee

With this line we kicked of the concept of RUNNR.ai as it currently stands

21 October
Can I bring my dog?

This was the first question we asked our AI in a closed prototype environment. "All animals are welcome"

6 December
What amenities do you have?

We are live with our first 3 pilot customers and the first pro-active messages went out. We got 1 reply: "What amenities do you have?"

2 January
And we're off!

We are officially launching RUNNR.ai in January 2023.

Our Team

Our team has a strong background in hospitality, technology and operations. This mix has brought us to create RUNNR.ai to enable the hospitality industry to communicate in a future proof way with its guests.

Maarten Fugers


Jasper Cramwinckel

Lead Developer

Tim Otterspoor


Michiel de Vor


Steven Oliemans


About us

We founded RUNNR.ai in the summer of 2022 with a passion for hospitality, technology and operations. Our team brings expertise from Booking.com, Catawiki, Tripaneer, and EY Consulting. Our solution addresses the challenges of staff shortages, rising guest expectations, and increasing (operating) expenses in the industry. Our goal is to enhance the guest experience through the use of cutting-edge technology, improve operational efficiency, and increase revenue. 

Currently, most communication in the hospitality industry is done through email, phone calls or in-person at the front desk, leading to delays for guests and overwhelming workloads for hotels and accommodations. RUNNR.ai’s solution automates the handling of guests’ questions, requests, and upsells, providing an instant and personalized experience for guests and reducing operational workload for hotels. 

Guests can also communicate through the apps already on their phones such as WhatsApp, rather than receiving multiple emails from different sources. By seamlessly integrating existing technology into the hospitality industry, our solution allows hotels to focus on adding a personal touch while AI handles the majority of guest inquiries and repetitive processes. This leads to a smoother, more personalized travel experience.

Want to get in touch?

We are not yet actively hiring but always looking to get in touch with talented, motivated individuals.
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