Mews is a property management system designed to simplify and automate all operations for modern hoteliers and their guests. From the booking engine to check-out, from front desk to revenue management, every process is easier, faster and more connected. And with the integrated Mews Payments ecosystem, every transaction is secure and seamless. x MEWS integration

Transform Your Guest Experience with and MEWS Integration – The Perfect Match for Hotel Efficiency! 

Streamline your operations and enhance your guest experience with our seamless integration with MEWS. effortlessly pulls the booking details from MEWS, including booker contact information, stay dates, room type, booked extras and available extras. uses this data to deliver personalized messages, promote special offers, and enable in-stay requests.

Empower your guests to easily access information about their bookings, such as whether breakfast is included, and provide them with the opportunity to book any extras. All upsells are booked hassle-free on the guest’s invoice!

How it works

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  • Requests are forwarded to MEWS  task manager 
  • Messages are available in MEWS inbox 
  • Guests can request anything regarding their booking (invoices, room type etc.)


  • Improved guest experience

    Guests do not have to wait in line anymore and get instant gratification on all their questions. They can use their preferred device and get instantly what they need from the hotel.

  • Save operational costs

    Hotels save time as all frequently asked questions are answered within the conversation between the guest and Hotel staff can focus on enhancing the experience of the guest instead of spending time on simple questions.

  • Sustainable guest relationships

    Hotels have the ability to build a relationship with its guests pre-, in- and post-stay. Welcome messages, check-in messages and review messages are sent automatically to the guest on WhatsApp.

  • Increase ancillary revenues

    Guests have the opportunity to book extras which are available in the hotel such as breakfast and late check-out. As a hotel you can proactively send messages to guests to promote upsells and other promos.