Tiqets is an online booking platform for museums and attractions that connects travelers worldwide with more ways to experience culture.

RUNNR.ai x Tiqets integration

Maximize Your Ancillary Revenues with RUNNR.ai – The Ultimate Destination for Museum & Attraction Bookings! 

Our platform seamlessly integrates with Tiqets to bring you an extensive inventory of top museums and attractions.

Allow your guests to book directly and conveniently from the comfort of their own devices. Discover the city’s hottest destinations with our curated list of top 3 venues, or explore other exciting options. 

And the best part? For every booking made through RUNNR.ai, you’ll receive 50% of the commission as extra ancillary revenue, credited directly to your monthly invoice. Get started now and increase your property’s earning potential!

How it works


  • Increased Ancillary Revenue

    With RUNNR.ai, hotels can earn extra revenue from the commissions generated from guest bookings.

  • Convenient Booking Experience for Guests

    Guests can easily book museums and attractions directly through the hotel's platform, improving their overall stay experience.

  • Improved Guest Satisfaction

    By providing guests with a wider range of museum and attraction options, hotels can enhance their guests' overall experience and satisfaction.

  • Streamlined Operations

    The integration with Tiqets eliminates manual processes and reduces administrative tasks, freeing up staff time to focus on other important areas.